News | Iran Ministry of healthcare enjoy high rigidity for boosting quality of these products

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Advisor to Iran Minister of Health and Director General for Medical Equipment of Iran Ministry of healthcare:

There are more than 1000 active manufacturing medical equipment companies which their products are of high quality so that Iran Ministry of healthcare enjoy high rigidity for boosting quality of these products.



Reported by VEBDA, Dr.Reza Masaeli in a meeting with secretary General Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family, Flemish government said: Iranian manufacturing medical devices companies export their products to European countries such as Germany and this is not a claim made by a governmental manager. However, this is a reality. If the urge is needed, there will be the opportunity to be familiar with Iranian products more closely.

Dr.Masaeli reminded: We have intended to found Iran quality control system based on European Union standards and such a decision has long been on the agenda and is still underway from the current Christian year.

Advisor to Iran Minister of Healthcare reported an upcoming trip will be taken by Iran Minister of Healthcare to one of the European countries .He went on saying: In this trip, suggestions will be put forward for using European Union standards in the field of Iran medical devices manufacturing. In addition, a M.O.U will be signed accordingly.

He added: one of the aims of recent trip to one of European countries by Iran Healthcare Minister is to pave the way for Export and Import to European countries.

Dr.Masaeli added: Iran quality system is developing. As a result, we have been trying to benefit from European Union experiences which can lead to boost medical equipment export to various countries.

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